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North Harbour Medical Group
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About Us


North Harbour Medical Group is a partnership of five GP's.  Dr Prithipal Chhabda, Dr Shishir Choudhary and Dr Michaela Whyte-Venables, Dr Natasha Chhabda and Dr Maryam Brady.


We believe in the ethos of traditional medical practice. We are keen to maintain a system where you, the patient, are looked after by your named Doctor. It allows the Doctor to continue your care efficiently, handle results and information about you, and deal with enquiries from other health professionals on your behalf. Over the last 20 years we have proved that this system works well for patients and practice alike.


We genuinely welcome feedback from our patients, and, where possible, act on suggestions and observations. Click here to fill in our online feedback form.


Rights and Responsibilities of the Patient


The Practice will always do their best for you.  However they need your help to provide the best care for all patients.  Please show your support by following these simple guidelines:


  • Please treat your doctor and their staff as you would expect to be treated by them - with politeness and respect.
  • Please cancel appointments that you cannot attend or no longer need - somebody else is always waiting.
  • Please think twice before calling a doctor to your home - is a visit really necessary?
  • Please do not expect a prescription every tie you visit the surgery - good advice is ofthen the best treatment.
  • Please remember that you can find basic health information elsewhere - for example - your local Pharmacist and NHS Choices Website - www.nhs.net
  • Please request your repeat prescriptions in good time - this will help avoid delays.
  • Please remember that doctors are only human - they cannot solve all your problems and some illnesses cannot be cured.
  • If you do have a genuine complaint, please contact the Practice Manager first.  This is the quickest way to resolve problems.

Violent and Abusive Patients


In the event of any aggressive or violent behaviour, either verbal or physical, the Police will be called and you will be removed from the premises.  You should be aware that as a result of such behaviour you may be denied any future access to this surgery.

We have a policy covering this subject which is available on request.

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