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The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.


It asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses.


Since it was initially launched in April 2013, the FFT has been rolled out in phases to most NHS-funded services in England, giving all patients the opportunity to leave feedback on their care and treatment.


Results will be published monthly from this Practice - see below.  Results prior to April 2016 are available on request.


MARCH 2018


94% of patients have responded positively during March - thank you very much.

Please keep responding if you receive a text or there are cards in waiting area for your feedback.




92% said they were extremely happy or happy with this practice during February - thank you for

all the kind comments we have received.  We are all working hard to maintain good services and access across the practice.  Help us to help you.




90% of patients responded positively to the FFT in January - lets see if we can make it higher for

February - thank you.





90% of patients responded positively to their text message during December - thank you.

Please continue to respond to the survey as we have to submit monthly figures to NHS England.

If you prefer there are cards in the waiting room for you to submit your responses.




88% of patients responded positively to their text message this month.  Thank you.

Please continue to respond to the survey via your text message or complete a card in the

waiting area.




For the second month running we have achieved 90% positive responses.

Please continue to give us your feedback.




Thank you to everyone who has responded to their text message this month - 221 responses.

90% of patients feel we are providing a good service - for those of you that do not agree with this, please let us know where you think we may be able to improve.




We have received some lovely feedback from patients this month - thank you.  Overall 87% would recommend this Practice.

Feedback via a text request onoly takes a few seconds so please respond and help us help you.


JULY 2017


Thank you for your positive feedback during July via our text messaging service.  241 people responded and 88% of patients replied that they would recommend this Practice.


If you receive a text request for feedback please take a few seconds to respond.


We still have cards in the waiting area if you prefer.


JUNE 2017


We only received 2 lots of feedback this month both would highly recommend the Practice - thank you.

There are cards in the waiting area for patients to complete.

Commencing shortly will the the facility to feedback via text messaging - you may get a request to feedback if you have had an appointment - it takes only a couple of seconds so please feedback if you are requested to do so.  Thank you.


MAY 2017


Once again 100% of those who responded would recommend the practice.

Cards are in the waiting area with a box for your responses - please continue to give us your feedback.

Thank you.


APRIL 2017


100% of patients during April would recommend the practice - thank you.

Please continue to give us your feedback at every opportunity - this survey is

ongoing on behalf of NHS England.


March 2017


75% of patients who responded during March would recommend us - thank you.

Thank you for the kind comments re staff and doctors - these are much appreciated.

Please continue to give us your feedback.


February 2017


Those patients who responded this month said they were likely or extrememly likely to recommend us.Positive comments were received about on-line access - if you havnt signed up yet please ask at Reception.

Once again we had a high volume of patients booking appointments and then failing to attend - if people were to cancel then we would have a lot more appointments to offer to patients who need to be seen.


Please help us to help you.


January 2017


Once again we had a very small response this month.  However any feedback is useful and there are plenty of cards on the table in the waiting area.

All who responded were pleased with the practice and services we offer.  Thank you.



December 2016


Only 3 patients responded to the survey this month but were 100% supportive of the Practice and would recommend us.  Please note that the current method of feedback is by hand and cards and a post box is available in the waiting area.


November 2016


78% of patients have said they would recommend our Practice this month, with some lovely comments for which we thank you.

Again DNA rates are high for this month and is impacting on what we can offer to patients needing

appointments - please help us to help you and cancel a booked appointment if it is not required.


October 2016


66.25% of patients have responded that they would recommend our Practice.  Thank you.

Once again our DNA rates are causing concern.  If you do not need an appointment you have made please let us know so that we can offer this to someone else.


September 2016


74.86% of patients were happy with this Practice and would recommend.  Thank you to the 35 people who responded - apart from the one person who left foul and abusive message - this is not acceptable.


Once again in September DNA rates are a problem with over 200 people failing to attend booked appointments - please help us to help you.


August 2016


69.41% of patients responded to survey positively during August - thank you.

We received a comment about being closed at lunchtime - 12.30 - 1.30 and what if they had an emergency.  Firstly we are not an emergency service or a walk-in clinic.  Secondly, although the reception is closed if you telephone the practice on the usual number, you will hear a message with another number to phone if you have a true emergency that will not wait until we re-open at 1.30pm.

There is always someone in the reception area, but this hour is very valuable to the staff to be able to catch up on administration and prescriptions without interruptions and prepare for the afternoon clinics.



July 2016


72.8% of patients responded that they would recommend our GP Practice to friends and family.

Once again this month we have lost over 26 hours of consulting time due to patients not attending booked appointments.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact Pauline Cook - Practice Manager or Anita Layton - Assistant Practice Manager - they will be happy to help you.


June 2016


84.44% of patients responded positively during June - thank you!

The majority of patients are very happy with the surgery but we would like to draw your attention to the number of patients failing to attend booked appointments (DNAs) - in June we lost over 30 hours of consulting time due to this problem and it will impact on us achieving the good access we have enjoyed at the surgery.  Please help us to help you and cancel appointments if you do not need them.




May 2016


72.14% of patients responded positively during May. 

We received some very nice comments for which we thank you.  We continue to strive to offer all our patients a good, timely service.


April 2016


Thank you to all those patients who took the time to responde during April.

66.7% of patients responded that they would recommend our GP Practice.

We have had some comments about appointment times not being kept.  We would like to reassure patients that all doctors and nurses try their very best to keep to time, but on occasions delays may be caused by emergencies or patients presenting with a list of problems.  We would ask that patients present with one problem for one appointment.  Unfortunately we cannot foresee when emergencies may occur and would ask you to bear with us under these circumstances.





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