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Practice Manager

Assistant Practice Manager

Practice Nurses


Receptionists are employed and trained by us to help you.

They are professional, competent and caring and have a very demanding job to do. They will be pleased to advise you on the best way to use our services.

Any questions they may ask you are approved by us to help you. As always, your answers will be treated in strict confidence.

You may be kept waiting if they are dealing with several other problems at the same time; please be patient.

Our policy is to provide the best possible service for all our patients but it is not always possible for the receptionist to meet every request for an appointment at a given time.

Please remember they are working closely with the doctors for the benefit of all our patients and please be as courteous to them as they are to you.

Practice Support Staff

District Nurses

Our attached district nursing team provide skilled nursing care to people in their own home in order to assist them to achieve their maximum health potential.

If you require nursing treatment, the team will discuss with you a plan of action designed to meet your unique needs.

  • They will also:
  • Get in touch with statutory and voluntary agencies should you require extra help or equipment.
  • liaise with Social Services to develop joint care plans for care in the community.
  • keep you informed of benefits and DWP allowances which you may be entitled to.

To contact the district nurses please phone 0300 300 2012.

Health Visitors

Our health visitors are registered nurses with midwifery experience who have had further training in community health, counselling and child development.

They aim to promote good health in the community as a whole by working in homes and clinics, as well as performing routine checks.

Your health visitor will assume that all is well unless she hears from you.

So if you have any concerns about your child’s development, your own or your family’s health, please contact the health visitors on 023 9268 4545  from 8.30am to 4.30pm or at the advertised clinics.

Community Midwives

Community midwives share the care of pregnant patients with their doctor. They will arrange parentcraft classes and attend new mothers at home in the initial period after they return home.   They can be contacted on 023 9228 3240 or 023 9228 3284.