Repeat Prescriptions

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Please be aware that our turnaround time for prescriptions may exceed 3 days and could be up to 7 days at this time – we are seeing unprecedented requests for medication – if this carries on pharmacies will run out of some items – as did supermarkets – please do not panic!!

Pharmacies too are struggling to complete prescription orders in their normal timescale so therefore please help us to help you and do not order repeats more than 10 days in advance.

There is a letter box at entrance from our car park – a letter box at reception or if you are registered for online services order your meds in that way.  We are unable to take requests over the telephone.


We are aware there was some fake news on fb telling asthma patients to request rescue packs from their GPs.  We will only be issuing rescue packs to severe asthmatics or COPD patients that have this as part of their plan.