PPG Meetings Summary from September 2020

The NHMG VPPG met on 22 September 2020 and the Chair also attended the Primary care Network PPG on Thursday 8 October 2020. Summary issues included:

  • The Practice is adapting well to digital/virtual consultations and total triage. Patients are perhaps clapping less and expressing dissatisfaction more as they grapple with digital/virtual consultations and total triage/care navigation. Patient feedback both negative and positive is important in order to facilitate continuous improvement.
  • F2F consultations and treatments with doctors, nurses and other health professionals have remained available where there is a clinical need. The Practice has remained open throughout the pandemic.
  • Positive patient feedback on the Flu clinics is evident despite supply issues and the PHE patient group priorities changing, which are often inaccurately reported in the press.
  • Building issues continue to rear their ugly head, but there is some progress and the NH VPPG is being consulted about potential developments.
  • We need to embrace Kirklands Practice within the Portsmouth North Primary Care Network (PCN) at the right time and with due sensitivity to the Practice Manager’s workload.
  • I am also keen that there should be developments in upward communication from PPGs to the Citywide PPG via the Portsmouth North PCN, in support of the 3 Practices. I have the view that this expression of patient voice would benefit from strengthening.