Update on services ahead of practice closure

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Ahead of the practice closing we will need to stop offering some services to patients and prioritise urgent care needs. This is to ensure everyone is moved to their new practice as smoothly as possible, and to reduce risks of patients’ routine care being disrupted by the transfer process.

We will keep seeing patients who have an urgent issue and those whose care cannot be safely delayed, but some of the more routine things we do – like blood tests or regular referrals – will be better managed by waiting until you can book them with your new practice.

We know this might be inconvenient for some people, but hope you appreciate the reasons we need to take this step.

You will receive a letter telling you which is your new practice at the end of February. This will also include information on the date you will transfer to your new practice, and the point at which you will no longer contact North Harbour Medical Group for your primary medical needs.

We’re very grateful for your patience, understanding and cooperation as we manage this difficult process for everyone.